6th International Workshop on Context-aware Performance Engineering for the Internet of Things

co-located with
25th International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks (ICCCN)

The Internet of Things has many facets and most of the time all application require tailored performance engineering schemes to work as expected and to provide an appropriate level of quality for different types of networks, applications and services. Especially if considering consumer, business or industrial applications, the differences regarding performance and reliability as part of that become obvious.

The innovations concerning communication technologies allows IoT to significantly increase the responsiveness and flexibility of any kind of components. But the research discussion on IoT lacks for integrated system architectures, protocols and algorithms, which are classified to work levels above IoT frameworks, as well as overlaying concepts and novel business models.

The provisioning of a certain level of performance according to the requirements of an entire context can hardly be accomplished in IoT networks, e. g. for Advanced Manufacturing, using traditional approaches because these do not account for the requirements introduced by the new dynamic networks, the number of nodes, and applications. Advanced Manufacturing is only one example for a new type of IoT network that has to face special requirements. Context-awareness is required in several types of networks and for different types of applications and services. All of these are different. E.g., the occurring network traffic in Wireless Mesh Sensor Networks cannot be compared to network traffic of molding machines or cars. Each of them have different constraints and demands that should be covered by a context-aware performance engineering.

This workshop, among other things, wants to bring together researchers to present and discuss novel approaches and solutions as well as recent results in this area of research.

Technical Topics

  • Performance engineering for the Internet of Things
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for Advanced Manufacturing
  • Performance engineering for Industry 4.0 requirements
  • SDN-based QoS Control
  • QoS for mission critical communications
  • Recognition of performance relevant context-patterns for general IoT application
  • Context-pattern transformation for performance engineering
  • Autonomous context-aware traffic classification
  • Context-aware mesh networking of very small communication components
  • Concepts for achieving transparency to co-existing network flows
  • Security and privacy in the context of IoT
  • Control protocols for distributed performance engineering
  • Performance-driven routing protocols and algorithms
  • Cross-platform performance control
  • Context-dependent energy management
  • Cognitive QoS patterns in multi-agent systems
  • Concepts and business models for context-aware performance engineering
  • Performance analysis of context-aware performance engineering
  • Real-Time systems for IoT-specific performance engineering
  • Context-aware transmit power control of IoT components

… and all other topics not named at this point, but belonging to the main topic of this workshop.


6th ContextQoS Workshop International Workshop on Context-aware Performance Engineering for the Internet of Things